Hataraku Maou-sama! 04

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Continuing from last week, Maou got his power back, only temporarily. Enough to save the victims of the “earthquake”. Soon after that, Maou lost his power and looks like normal human again.

The next day, Emilia goes to Maou’s home to return the money she borrowed. She falls from stairs and Maou gives her first-aid treatment. Chiho comes and see Maou and Emilia together, then runs off. The fat lady landlord appears and hints both of them about saving Chiho before it’s too late. So this landlady is not a normal human as well, considering she knows Maou and Emilia’s true identity.

So they rushes out to get Chiho, and finally they meet the real culprit of last week’s incident. It is one of demon’s four general: Lucifer. While Alsiel is a general very loyal to Maou, Lucifer plans to surpass Maou and becomes the new “strongest” in demon world.

While I really like how this story progresses so far, I started to think that the title is no longer valid. I mean, the only episode about Maou going to work is episode 1. Then we go straight to politics and story development, barely anything about Maou comes to work anymore.

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