Kotoura-san 04

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ESP Research Club, tracking down Kotoura to a remote place.


Kotoura and her perverted grandpa.


A detective? Seriously?


Uhm, should I say “welcome to the club”?

So the gang from ESP Research Club decided to find Kotoura. Muroto (the vice president) hacks into train station’s cameras and manages to locate a remote city where Kotoura might hide. They go there, only to realize none of them had booked a room to stay. And fate brings them to spend a night in a temple, and meet a monk who once knew Kotoura.

Next we get to see Kotoura and her grandpa. Now I kinda understand how he remains the only family member who still care about Kotoura when even her own mother abandoned her.

Manabe and the group arrives at Kotoura’s grandpa’s home, meet (or catch?) Kotoura, but she still refuse to return. Until Moritani shows up to apologize to Kotoura. She hired a detective to locate Kotoura ! Can you believe that!? Kotoura re-enrolls to the school and everything returns to normal. Though I still find it a bit unnatural how yesterday’s villain (Moritani) now become part of the group so fast.

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