Log Horizon 13

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This week we get to see a lot more about Princess Lenessia. Crusty’s move to approach her last week turns out to be Crusty’s strategy to avoid dealing with People of the Land’s politics. And I must say, it works quite effectively.

I laughed so hard watching the “unusual” chemistry between Crusty and Princess Lenessia. Crusty is very open about his intentions to use Lenessia as an escape excuse right from the start. He can read her mind. He can see the true person behind her fake smile. And she can see his true intention as well. I say these two make a very good couple !

I find Lenessia’s character quite interesting. She’s not what I imagined her to be when I first saw her few episodes ago. Far from being an elegant princess, she’s childish but not stupid. She can tell when Crusty lies. She knows that people are nice to her just to get close to her family (and power).

Meanwhile, Minori, Tohya, Isuzu, Rundel and Serara are still having problem winning their dungeon. Marie is enjoying her “beach vacation” to the fullest.

By end of this episode, we have new mysterious “mage” character. Looking forward to see this arc moves to the next phase.

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