Suisei no Gargantia 04

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After getting rid of the pirates, Red is officially welcomed to stay with Gargantia fleet. I laughed hard when they actually bill him to repair the damage he caused when Chamber escapes from the hangar in first episode. So now Ledo needs to learn more about how humans on this planet works.

In no time, Chamber already can do a lot of work, since he’s a high technology product anyway. With proper instruction, lifting heavy stuff is not a problem for the machine. In contrary, Ledo can only sit while doing Chamber doing work. Then he decides to find out more about the possibility he can return to space. And so he meets Doc, a man who is known as the most knowledgeable, and finds that most of space technology were disappeared in the great disaster which turns Earth into a water planet.

Next, Amy brings Red to meet his little brother, Bevel. A young boy with weak body. Yet Bevel manages to ask a question that Ledo can not answer, the purpose of his life.

So far, I see this series is more about Ledo’s new life on Earth rather than continuing his battles in space. As long as they keep it interesting, I have no problem with that.

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