Tamako Market 04

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Meet little Anko, dressed for matsuri (Japanese festival).



Awww, shy Anko is super cute !


Anko, hiding in her closet when her crush visited her home.


And, meet Anko’s first love.

It’s Anko episode, and it’s so good with lots of funny moments I was having trouble selecting which scenes to use in this post. So here we have more images than usual.

Anko has her first crush on a boy. She wants to go to museum together with some friends, including “the boy”. She had to wake up very early on that day to help her family with mochi duties before she can go with friends. But she ends up not coming. Then two boys visited her to give a souvenir from the museum, and Anko run straight away, hiding in her closet.

I really like this episode. It’s fun to see Dera getting even bigger that he can no longer fly properly. So birds can get obese problem too, especially when the overweight comes from eating too much mochi, lol.

For Dera, I kinda agree with Anko. He’s going to die from severe obesity soon if he can’t learn to reject Tamako’s mochi offers.

Another Dera moment is when the bird ornament for the festival broke off, and Dera just happened to fly to the very spot. I laughed so hard watching those people from the shopping district trying to catch Dera, dip him in golden paint, and use him as the replacement for broken bird ornament.




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