Tamako Market 10

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Midori is troubled. School festival is coming, the baton club got prime time schedule to perform their show, and so Midori needs plan the choreography. After days of thinking, still no good idea came up, and she was stubborn to ask for Tamako and Kanna’s help.

Anyone noticed that Dera is no longer sitting on top of a pile of paper now? He gets his own little chair ! Have a look at the first screencap in this post and you will see what I’m talking about.

By end of this episode, Choi drops a “bomb” that will probably move the story forward. Tamako is the prince’s bride !
Ok, let’s think about this rationally. We have subtle hints in about Choi is smelling something from Tamako. Shampoo? Finding a bride based on her smell? Now that’s something new !

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