Vividred Operation 01

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Two sisters and their genius grandpa.


Of course ! A character named Aoi definitely should have blue hair as well !


Meet grandpa, uh, in his new body.


Miracle after henshin using “magical” key. Reminds me of Cardcaptor Sakura.

Just decided to give a try to this anime today, and immediately decided to add this into my blogging list this season.

So we have Akane, her little sister and their genius grandpa living together. In the world they live in, energy is no longer an issue for mankind, as their grandpa has invented some kind of unlimited and free energy, and Manifestor Engine was built to generate and distribute the energy to the entire world. Sounds too good to be true, I know.

Some alien machine is trying to attack the Manifestor Engine. And grandpa is ready with his newest invention to fight against those aliens. Even his soul accidentally transferred into a stuffed animal in the process of completing this invention.
And the new invention is… guess what? A henshin machine ! A key which allow Akane to transform into… another costume.

Yup, the idea is not new at all. We’ve seen so many anime with transformations. Yet something about Akane’s character charms me. So I decided to stick around.

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