Vividred Operation 04

By balamiere / February 8th, 2013 / Anime Review / No Comments


I understand Akane can fly because of her hi-tech gear, but Himawari is not wearing any gear at this point. I guess gravity is indeed an optional feature for anime.


Meet our yellow.


Our new member this week is Himawari, yellow, a computer genius who admire Akane’s grandpa very much.

I see a pattern here. Normal school day, meet a new friend, then a monster appears when the new friend is there, our heroes fight the monster, and the new friend joins the party as new member. Obviously, new member will have new color. And for the monster on that particular day, the new member’s ability is the right type to defeat it (how coincidence is that?). The enemy almost got defeated, then suddenly become stronger than ever, and the new member enters the join mode with Akane, become more powerful, and defeats the enemy.

I still like seeing Akane. In fact, that’s probably my only remaining reason to keep watching this anime. The storyline has become too generic, too predictable, and even repetitive. I’m not sure if I want to continue blogging this anime or not.

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