Zetsuen no Tempest 23

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Yes, this is the face of a man who is expected to save the world.





After some final preparations, our group is finally executing their task to destroy Tree of Genesis. Quite an interesting plan from Mahiro, I must say. Since “Mage of Exodus” and “Dancing Princess” in earlier episodes wear costumes to hide their faces, they can easily appear as each other. Having Hakaze playing the role as “Mage of Exodus” gives Megumu (playing the role as Dancing Princess) a closer position to the tree. Their battle is designed to lure the guard ships further from the tree, allowing Kusaribe magic to take care of them.

It still amazes me to see the group of ex-enemies (from the first half of this series) are now working together.

Yoshino, Mahiro and Junichiro are boarding the supply ship near Tree of Exodus to force them to move away from the tree. But one of the ship’s crew (who is supposed to be unarmed), manages to pull out a gun and shoots Yoshino.

I know something was not right when Yoshino and Mahiro wanted to take an active part in the high risk plan. Let’s wait for the final episode to find out how this story ends. As Hamlet? Or as Tempest?

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