Final Fantasy II


final-fantasy-ii-01The evil Empire Baramekia has killed four young kid’s parents. This is a heroic story of Frionel, Guy, Maria, and Lionheart. Together, they fight for justice. They has Hilda the white wizard, Paul the thief, Gordon the prince of Kashuon, and Cid the airship leader as friends.

In the end, the real enemy is Dark Cloud. Lionheart left in the middle of the story and becoming an evil Dark Knight. Fortunately he soon realized that he was walking the wrong path, then he became a friend again.

Final Fantasy II was released only in Japanese language on Dec 17, 1988 for Famicom console (Nintendo). By the year of 1994, Square released Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II in one cartridge. Now you can also play it in your iPhone.

Download Final Fantasy II for iPhone

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