Magic The Gathering Deck: Classic Regenerate

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Name : Classic Regenerate
Color : Black
Deck size : 60 cards
Created : November 2007

mtg-deck_classicregenerateClassic Black is a simple black-only deck with many creatures have ability to regenerate. There is no combo or special trick. This is an easy deck to play. Just cast your creatures, and kill opponent’s dangerous creatures.
Small creatures like NightShade Stinger, Silent Assassin, Fog of Gnats, Slith Bloodletter and Drudge Skeletons build your early army. Fallen Angel is ready for the final blow.


The Key Cards


My favorite black creature. 2 mana for 1/1 flying with regeneration is just too good to be true.


Another creature with regeneration. Perfect for early attacker and useful blocker.


Spawning Pool can be a normal man maker, or can deal with opponent’s creatures in case you need more blockers.


First strike, and can regenerate.


I love regeneration ! Especially when the creature can grow bigger.


Flying, first strike, haste, can grow bigger, nice !


If you have enough creatures in play, no need to pay its echo cost.


Big Game Hunter can help you against bigger creatures.


Nice early attacker, can be pretty useful against dangerous opponent’s creatures.


Dark Ritual, a quick way to produce three black mana. You can find this card in almost every classic black decks.


Black counterspell ! I love it. Even if an opponent pays 5 life, it’s still not a bad deal for 2 mana.


Fallen Angel makes your final blow. When you have enough small creatures, they can help making Fallen Angel bigger.


The Deck

4x Nightshade Stinger (B, C)
4x Fog of Gnats (BB, C)
2x Drudge Skeletons (1B, U)
4x Slith Bloodletter (BB, U)
2x Silent Assassin (BB, R)
4x Sanguine Guard (1BB, U)
4x Bone Shredder (2B, U)
2x Big Game Hunter (1BB, U)
2x Mirri The Cursed (2BB, R)
4x Fallen Angel (3BB, R)
4x Dash Hopes (BB, C)
4x Dark Ritual (B, C)

4x Spawning Pool (U)
16x Swamp


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