Welcome to Balamiere.com !

As you can see, this is a website about anime, manga and so much more.
I started this website back in year 1999 as part of my personal website (using different domain).
For work-related reasons in 2012, I had the need to present my personal website in professional environment, thus I decided to take out all “entertainment-related” contents and created a new site.
Balamiere.com was in parallel running with my other domain for several months in 2012, then I finally completed the separation and rebranding process in January 2013.

Until today, this website is still in the process of system migration, and some of the “old” contents might still need further conversion work.
Find out about anime that you like in the “Anime” menu.
Read episodic reviews in the blog entries.
Get the latest release of Kira-kira Kaoru scanlation from “Manga” menu.
And feel free to browse around other contents.