Welcome to 2020, here’s a new website look

Welcome to 2020, here’s a new website look

Long story short, I updated my WordPress today and this entire site was broken. Can’t really complain because it’s been ages since I updated WordPress and my previous theme was from 2013 and never received a single update. So I guess it’s normal that a theme from 2013 will not be compatible with WordPress engine from 2020.

I had 2 options: fix what I can and leave some parts of the site broken, or use a new theme hoping that it’s more compatible to the new WordPress. Since the old theme basically got broken on the front page, I got very annoyed and decided to go with option #2.

After spending several minutes choosing a new theme, I decided on this simple theme. By switching theme, I lost the compatibility with a lot of shortcodes that I used to have. I did what I can to hide those broken shortcodes without having to edit hundreds of posts and pages manually.

Another topic is about HTTPS. I have used HTTPS for this site for quite some time. Apparently since my old content uses HTTP, my hotlinking prevention script is not very happy with that, thus a lot of images got blocked. Again, I did my best to restore what I can. No intention to spend hours and days on this, so this is what I can quickly manage.

I’m fully aware that some parts of the site remains broken or looking a bit strange. Will fix those later when I have time and feel like it. Otherwise, at least the front page is working now.


5 thoughts on “Welcome to 2020, here’s a new website look

  1. What a cool site – I stumbled onto this while searching for a raw manga for Spice & Wolf. I’m sad to see it’s been so long and the site seems like it’s been abandoned, but if anyone is still around at least let me say Kudos on an awesome idea. I would have loved to do something like this back when I had enough time to host a site all by myself, and I really admire the tenacity and effort it took to make this one. I thought it was particularly cool that you seem to really like a lot of the same shows I did, and for the same reasons…I also cut my teeth on shows like Love Hina, Ah My Goddess, and several others I saw you mention, as well as being a huge FF fan. Wherever you are Balamiere, whatever you’re doing these days, my hat’s off to you. I’m sincerely bummed that I came too late to see it, but it looks amazing, and I hope you felt like it was worth it.

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