Welcome to 2020, here’s a new website look

Welcome to 2020, here’s a new website look

Long story short, I updated my WordPress today and this entire site was broken. Can’t really complain because it’s been ages since I updated WordPress and my previous theme was from 2013 and never received a single update. So I guess it’s normal that a theme from 2013 will not be compatible with WordPress engine from 2020.

I had 2 options: fix what I can and leave some parts of the site broken, or use a new theme hoping that it’s more compatible to the new WordPress. Since the old theme basically got broken on the front page, I got very annoyed and decided to go with option #2.

After spending several minutes choosing a new theme, I decided on this simple theme. By switching theme, I lost the compatibility with a lot of shortcodes that I used to have. I did what I can to hide those broken shortcodes without having to edit hundreds of posts and pages manually.

Another topic is about HTTPS. I have used HTTPS for this site for quite some time. Apparently since my old content uses HTTP, my hotlinking prevention script is not very happy with that, thus a lot of images got blocked. Again, I did my best to restore what I can. No intention to spend hours and days on this, so this is what I can quickly manage.

I’m fully aware that some parts of the site remains broken or looking a bit strange. Will fix those later when I have time and feel like it. Otherwise, at least the front page is working now.


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