Spice and Wolf 09-10 major fixes and new format

Spice and Wolf 09-10 major fixes and new format

spice-and-wolf-light-novel-revise-09-10After few months of no update, here are the major fixes on volume 9 and 10. Lots of fixes and optimizations. It’s amazing how we kept on finding things to improve once we get an objective view of something. Sorry for the long wait though. Been busy in the last few months. For Kindle users, I also make this awesome book available in MOBI format. Actually, you can simply do the conversion yourself using Calibre app, but I thought it might be easier for you if I make it available directly for download.

Click here to download volume 9
Click here to download volume 10

Finally, since MaxFile.ro no longer works for me, I decided to use SendSpace instead.



10 thoughts on “Spice and Wolf 09-10 major fixes and new format

  1. Do you have any thoughts on Yen Press now producing official ePubs for the novel series? It puzzled me why they did the Manga, but not the novel. When they announced the collectors edition hard cover, it was pretty clear. Now that the hard cover CE is produced and sold out, they’re releasing their official ePubs. In a way, I’m sad that you’re hard work now has the competition of the license holder. You’re dedication was SO appreciated by me as a fan of the series, and doubtless many, many others. Do you plan to continue producing your ePubs…?

    1. I will purchase the original EPUB from Yen Press to support the writer. I will continue to create my own EPUBs for my own Kindle, but whether I will share it or not is something I will consider later.

      1. please continue to share your epubs if you can! as an epub user, only PDF files can be found on the net, while there are some available epub, most are converted from pdf; also nothing is as decent as yours. been checking your site now every now and then, i just want to say thanks, i really do appreciate your work. 🙂 P.S. i too don’t have access to get the official epub ones. 🙂

  2. I literally spent hours trying to buy an ebook edition of these novels. It’s absolutely unforgivable that Yen Press is actually making it harder for people who want to get a legitimate digital copy go through these hoops! Thanks for your help.

    1. Take a look at Yen Press’ site for S&W… I too wondered why they weren’t doing offical ePubs for Spicy Wolf, but once they announced the hard cover collector’s edition, I immediately figured that official ePubs would follow upon the selling out of the CE. But even I didn’t expect it so soon. Volume 1 is already available. Subsequent volumes are being released throughout 2017.

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