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A futuristic anime set in the same world as Sword Art Online, but even further in the future. People can enter virtual world anytime using neuro-linker (a device attached to their neck, basically everyone has it). Our hero called Haruyuki is a short, chubby and ugly boy, bullied at school, and has zero self confidence in anything other than his gaming skill. Our main heroine called Kuroyukihime is a “perfect-in-anything” girl, who somehow got interested in Haruyuki to help solving her problem.

We also have Chiyuri and Takumu, Haruyuki’s childhood friends. While Chiyuri is dating Takumu, she obviously has special feeling towards Haruyuki as well.

This anime is about a battle game called Brain Burst, which enable the users’ brain to accelerate. To put it simple, it detached the consciousness from the body, and allowing the brain to work multiple times faster, making the real world looks like moving really slow. As a game, it’s basically just a fighting game. People gain points by winning battles. But the ability to use those points to do acceleration gives its user the ability to “cheat” the real world. Dodging a punch before it lands to our face, winning martial arts competition, cheating in an exam, lots of things can be done.

Kuroyukihime’s character is lovable. She’s smart, she’s strong, she’s perfect in everything. Actually, her character dominates the entire series, in contrast to the weak Haruyuki, who only got some time to look a little cooler near end of the series. I still see them as superior-follower relationship rather than being a couple. Anyway, the setting is nice, the battles are great, and the character development are very decent. Definitely an anime worth watching. Recommended for all ages.

My rating : ★★★★☆


Kaji Yuuki Haruyuki (Silver Crow)
Misawa Sachika Kuroyukihime (Black Lotus)
Toyosaki Aki Chiyuri (Lime Bell)
Asanuma Shintarou Takumu (Cyan Pile)
Hidaka Rina Kouzuki Yuniko (Scarlet Rain)
Endo Aya Kurasaki Fuuko (Sky Raker)
Kobayashi Sanae Noumi Seiji (Dusk Taker)
Nakanishi Tamaki Asato Ruka (Lagoon Dolphin)
Suzumura Kenichi ? (Ash Roller)
Ueda Kana ? (Aqua Current)

Alternative Title
• アクセル・ワールド


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