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This page is specially dedicated for Ai Yori Aoshi, a sweet romance story set in Tokyo. How a growing love overcome all obstacles in this modern time?

The main character is a man named Hanabishi Kaoru from the famous, rich, and well-known Hanabishi family. Being in such a family is not always mean happiness to a person. And so Kaoru left the family for some reasons.

Sakuraba Aoi, a girl from Sakuraba family, also a rich, famous, and well-known family in Japan. She was engaged to Kaoru since they were very young.

As Kaoru left the Hanabishi family, the engagement was canceled. But the truth, Aoi loves Kaoru very much since she only want to be Kaoru’s wife, not anyone else’s.

And so Aoi went to Tokyo alone, holding only a paper of Kaoru’s address, want to meet him. It was a coincidence since the man who helped her since she was arrived at Tokyo is Kaoru himself (they didn’t recognize each other until Aoi showed the man an old photograph of Kaoru and Aoi).

They haven’t met each other for years. Aoi decided to start everything all over again from the first place. She wants to live with Kaoru. To know him better, to start a new love made by themselves, not from family engagement anymore.

Surely, their love journey is not that simple. Since Kaoru is no longer from rich family, the Sakuraba clan denied the new relationship. Will love conquer all problems?

How can their relationship survive?

Sakuraba Aoi, the main female character, was described as a perfect girl in the way she expressed her love and care. Hanabishi Kaoru, the main male character, is only an ordinary man at the beginning. Nothing special about his character. But later in the series, we will see that he really deserves a perfect girl like Aoi.

This title is produced by J.C.STAFF production studio. Some ecchi scenes and deep-meaning conversations indicate that Ai Yori Aoshi is more suitable for mature anime lovers. Recommended for age 16+

My rating : ★★★☆☆


Kawasumi Ayako Sakuraba Aoi
Hoshi Souichiro Hanabishi Kaoru
Hiramatsu Akiko Kagurazaki Miyabi
Mizuhashi Kaori Minazuki Taeko
Momoi Haruko Minazuki Chika
Yukino Satsuki Tina Foster
Utsumi Kenji Aoi’s Father
Takashima Gara Aoi’s Mother
Narita Sayaka Miyuki Mayu
Horiuchi Kenyuu Saionji Ruka
Koyama Kimiko Komiya Natsuki
Noto Mamiko Aizawa Chizuru
Inoguchi Yuka Uzume

Alternative Title
• 藍 より 青し
• Bluer Than Indigo

Other Season
• Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~

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