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Have you ever watched an anime story when all the characters were dead since the very beginning? In one of the most interesting setting I’ve ever seen, this anime sets in a school-like environment which is actually a place for young kids who died while still having a regret or grudge against unfair life. Yes, some kind of after-life waiting place before one goes to heaven, or hell, or being reincarnated.

Otonashi Yuzuru woke up not remembering anything. A young girl nicknamed Yurippe holding a machine gun while telling him that he’s dead, and he’s in the realm of afterlife souls.

Yurippe is the leader of Shinde Sekai Sensen (SSS), a group formed by several people (or souls) who refused to accept their death and unreasonable life. They are in fierce battle against Tenshi (angel) in the form of a young girl with special high-tech ability.

Caught in the middle of battle in an unknown place, Otonashi joins the SSS and tried to figure out about the place. Is the girl called Tenshi really an Angel from God? Does God exist in that after-life realm? What is the purpose of the place itself?

The only thing I hate about this anime is : it’s TOO SHORT. 13 episodes is very insufficient to develop this brilliant idea and unique setting. I love the story, I love the characters, I love the weird feeling of chaos it has. Recommended for age 17+ (violence and blood scenes).

My rating : ★★★★★


Kamiya Hiroshi Otonashi Yuzuru
Sakurai Harumi Nakamura Yuri
Hanazawa Kana Tachibana Kanade
Kimura Ryohei Hinata Hideki
Ogata Megumi Naoi Ayato
Kitamura Eri Yui
Saito Fuko Shiina
Michael Rivas TK
Ichiki Mitsuhiro Takeyama
Kobayashi Yumiko Ouyama
Sawashiro Miyuki Iwasawa
Tokumoto Eiichirou Matsushita
Mizushima Takahiro Takamatsu
Takagi Shun Noda
Katou Emiri Sekine Shiori
Asumi Kana Irie
Masuda Yuuki Fujimaki
Nakahara Mai Otonashi Hatsune

Alternative Title
• エンジェルビーツ

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2 thoughts on “Angel Beats!

  1. really funny anime specially the one where they go to there underground base hahaha really funny not the one w/ saing angel the first time it was shown

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