A very nice story about a different world in an online multiplayer game. This title offer a smart character building without any lecture. The background music is very good, the story environment was perfect, there are many reasons why I recommend all my friends to watch this title.

.hack series took the setting in “The World”. An online game in near future which offer so much possibilities for all players.

Tsukasa, a young girl suddenly appears in “The World” as male character and never can log out. In real life, she’s staying in hospital, unconscious, for unknown reason. A long story develops as he (she) finds new friends in the game world.

The series is directed by Kouichi Mashimo who also directed Noir and Irresponsible Captain Tyler. The script is written by Kazunori Ito, the same person who did Mobile Police Patlabor, and Ghost in the Shell. The character designs in the series are done by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, the creator of Gainax, and the one who made the designs for Evangelion. The music is done by Kajiura Yuki, who also did Noir’s music. With that said, .hack//SIGN is basically made by a melting pot of masters in the anime world.

My rating : ★★★☆☆


Saiga Mitsuki Tsukasa
Hiramatsu Akiko BT
Nazuka Kaori Subaru
Nakata Kazuhiro Bear
Toyoguchi Megumi Mimiru
Miki Shinichiro Kurimu
Morikawa Tomoyuki Sora
Touma Yumi Helba
Tanaka Rie Morgana
Enomoto Atsuko A-20
Chiba Isshin Silver Knight
Sakamoto Maaya Aura
Kondo Mitsuyo Grunty
Hiyama Nobuyuki Balmung

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