Kujou Kazuya, our hero, is an exchange student from Japan that currently attending a school in Sauville, a made-up kingdom in Europe. The story started in 1924, after World War 1, but before World War 2. There are historical references in this anime. While some are real history events, some are simply made-up, or real event with different timeline.

Starting his new life in Sauville, Kazuya can not make a lot of friends due to his hair colour (black) that associates with black reaper. So, in short, other students are scared of him.

When one day Kazuya met a strange girl on the top floor of library tower, he decided to be her friend. The girl is Victorique, our heroine.

Started with few detective arcs, this anime introduced us to the great brain of Victorique who apparently can solve any mystery. Though some might think that the mysteries are too shallow, this anime is actually more about the dark past of Victorique and her struggle for a future rather than being a mystery anime.

Within the first two or three episodes, you will soon realize something that makes this anime different from others. Victorique is extremely cute in her unique way. A lot different from the usual moe characters that we have seen a lot.

While the first half is more about playing detective and some comedy, this series turned out to be more and more enjoyable towards the end. I still don’t know how the title relates to this anime though. If it’s me who decide on the title, I will probably named it “Victorique and her annoying friend” or something along the way. After watching few episodes of Kazuya screaming Victorique’s name over and over again, you will soon understand what I mean =P

Great story, unique cuteness, very touching ending ! A story about friendship, love, greed and war, packed in such a way, Japanese style. Recommended for age 18+ (murder and violent scene).

My rating : ★★★★☆


Yuuki Aoi Victorique de Blois
Eguchi Takuya Kujou Kazuya
Kiuchi Hidenobu Grevil de Blois
Sugo Takayuki Albert de Blois
Neya Michiko Sophie
Shitaya Noriko Avril Bradley
Kano Yui Cecile Lafitte
Sawashiro Miyuki Cordelia Gallo
Ohkawa Toru Bryan Roscoe
Shimura Tomoyuki King Rupert de Gille
Ishizuka Unshou Jupiter Roget

Alternative Title
• ゴシック

Gosick Official Website
Gosick @ TV Tokyo

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