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This is a story about residents of a student dorm called Sakurasou. Not just an ordinary dorm, Sakurasou is well known in Sui High school or arts as the place for weird students.

We have Sorata, our main hero, who is forced to move to Sakurasou after he picked up a stray cat while his “normal” dorm doesn’t allow pet. He planned to move to Sakurasou temporarily while searching for someone who will take care of the cat then return to “normal” dorm as soon as possible. Instead of achieving his initial goal (find new owner for the cat), Sorata end up stay longer in Sakurasou, saving even more stray cats, and get to know other residents of Sakurasou.

Sakurasou’s residents are indeed weird in a way. Misaki, a third-year, is a well-known animator. Jin, Misaki’s childhood friend who also lives there, is a scriptwriter. Ryuunosuke is a professional programmer and a shut in who rarely leaves his room or attends classes.

To start this story, we have Mashiro, a world-famous painter who moved from Britain to Japan to become a mangaka. Despite her extraordinary talent, Mashiro is severely lacking in her ability to “function” as a normal human being. If the last sentence is not clear enough for you, she can’t even dress herself properly (or does not even understand the need of underwear) and someone must always looking after her (referred as “Mashiro duty”). In Sakurasou, Mashiro duty (the task to look after her) is given to Sorata.

Next, we also have Nanami, Sorata’s classmate (with a crush on him) who is so dedicated to become a seiyuu (voice talent artist). Then we have Rita, a girl from Britain, who had the task of “Mashiro duty” before she came to Japan. And Chihiro-sensei, the dorm supervisor of Sakurasou.

The first half of this anime is somewhat “usual” type of anime-story with dorm oriented setting. Remember Love Hina? This is probably the modern version of it. But don’t worry, the actual story is nowhere similar. The second half story (from episode 13) is a lot better as we have known the character better and the actual story begins. A bunch of young students struggling to start their life. Hard work vs natural talent; romance and conflict; finding own’s goal of life; dealing with failure; dealing with “impossible” task; normal problems of young people (or maybe not only for young ones) in a good and interesting point of view. It’s sweet, it’s somewhat realistic, it’s loveable. Recommended for age 15+

My rating : ★★★★☆


Matsuoka Yoshitsugu Kanda Sorata
Kayano Ai Shiina Mashiro
Nakatsu Mariko Aoyama Nanami
Takamori Natsumi Kamiigusa Misaki
Sakurai Takahiro Mitaka Jin
Horie Yui Akasaka Ryuunosuke
Toyoguchi Megumi Sengoku Chihiro
Kawasumi Ayako Rita Ainsworth
Ogura Yui Kanda Yuuko
Asano Masumi Iida Ayano

Alternative Title
• The Pet Girl of Sakurasou
• さくら荘のペットな彼女

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