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It all started by a boring day when I decided to listen to some anime radio. I immediately recognized Shiratori Emiko’s voice in a song I didn’t know before. Out of curiosity, I googled a little bit and discovered this amazing anime that I somehow missed back in 2000.

Seikai no Senki is a science fiction anime, adapted from a series of novel written by Morioka Hiroyuki. In the far future, human race has expanded to other planets in the universe. A group of special humans with engineered genes called themselves Abh, creating the strongest empire in human history : The Humankind Empire of Abh.

Our story revolves around two young person living on that age. One is Jinto Lynn, a normal boy, born on a planet surface and spent his childhood there (thus called a “lander”) and Lafiel, a princess from the Abh empire, granddaughter of Empress Ramaaj.

Due to extraordinary situations, Jinto ended up being an Abh by law. He received a title as an Abh nobleman after his father, who is a president of Martine planet system, surrendered to the Abh Empire in exchange of a nobleman title as an Abh himself. This decision caused an anger from the citizens as they feel betrayed an being sold. Til Corinth, a friend of Jinto’s father helped him to escape the planet during the unstable transition.

Being a new Abh-in-training, Jinto must take a series of Abh education, and some years of service in the military later. The first Abh he meet is a young female Abh pilot. She was Lafiel, a royal princess who currently served her compulsory time in the military as part of Abh rule.

Watching this “old” anime after watching some 1080p Blu-ray resolution anime is certainly bring a noticeable drop in quality. But I guess it can’t be helped as this is an anime from back in year 2000 anyway. Feels like watching Star Trek or Star Wars, anime-style.

An excellent setting with vibrant characters. Love it ! The novel itself is not finished yet until the time of this writing. So far, the author has published 5 volumes on this story. Seikai no Senki volume 1 to volume 4 and a prequel novel called Seikai no Monshou. The prequel and volume 1 to volume 3 has been adapted into anime. There is a rumor that Seikai no Senki IV will be released some time in 2012.
Recommended for all ages.

My rating : ★★★★☆


Kawasumi Ayako Lafiel
Imai Yuka Jinto Lynn
Ohtsuka Akio Samson
Shimizu Kaori Ekuryua
Saiga Mitsuki Sobaashu
Yamada Miho Atosuryua
Fukami Rica Spoor
Shiozawa Kaneto Dusanyu
Inoue Kazuhiko Nefee & Nereis
Chiba Susumu Kufadis
Doi Mika Empress Ramaaj
Kosugi Juurouta Trife
Suzuki Eiichiro Til Corinth

Alternative Title
• Banner of The Stars
• Battle Flag of The Stars
• 星界の戦旗

Other Season
• Banner of the Stars II
• Banner of the Stars III
• Crest of the Stars (星界の紋章)

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