SHUFFLE! Love Confession Special

SHUFFLE is one of my favorite anime. I’ve been rooting for Shigure Asa to become the winning heroine since early episodes. And my hunch turned out to be true. She is the only one who understand Rin best. Compared to those clingy creatures (who magically fell in love for almost no reason other than some short events in childhood memory), Asa’s feeling is more natural and believable. This confession scene is taken from episode 21. The scene is simple, sweet, and very memorable.

This page contains huge SPOILER of SHUFFLE anime.
If you haven’t finished watching the anime, I highly recommend you to watch the complete series first.


I didn’t know so much went on between you and Kaede. I shouldn’t have asked you about it so casually.
I’m sorry.
It’s ok, I was just desperate to keep her alive.
That’s so like you.
I go with my instincts.
I know how she feels.
I couldn’t really believe that she hated you.
When she joined the cooking club in junior high, I asked her why she was joining.
I want to get better at cooking
to repay him for his kindness.
I hurt him by making false accusation.
But I’m who I am today because of him.
I knew she was referring to you, Rin-chan
But I didn’t know what happened between you two, and I really wanted to know.
I’m so sorry.
It’s ok, I wanted you to know, too
You did? Why?
Well… I think it’s for the same reason you wanted to hear it.
Oh, your face is turning red.
N-not really.
Anyway, why did you come to my house
and ask me to go for a walk?
Did you need to talk to me?
Yes, I told Kaede about you
I hadn’t told her directly before
and it’s not just her, I’ve never told you either.
As a man, I swear, more than anybody else,
I love you.
Please go out with me.

About your story earlier…
How Kaede hated you,
and how you suffered so much.
Wasn’t it hard?
I’d be lying if I said no.
But I only wanted to protect Kaede.
No matter how bad she treated you?
The only good thing about me is that I’m tolerant.
You’re strong.
That’s not true.
You are… just as much as her.
As her?
She sacrificed herself.
She endured being treated and spoken to harshly, and yet she kept protecting her only child.
So, are you going to protect me?
Just like the person who I admire the most in this world.
I will, no matter what.
You were cool just now.
It made me feel a little fuzzy inside.
So, this is my answer to your question.
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