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Stories about female wolf deity is not something new in anime, but this one is my favorite ! Our hero is a merchant named Kraft Lawrence. The setting is somewhat similar to middle age Europe, but I am not so sure about that.

By chance, Lawrence met a wolf deity girl named Holo during his visit to a small town of Pasroe. When transformed to her real form, she’s a giant wolf, but Holo in human form looks just like a normal girl, except for her wolf tail and ears.

Holo is the town’s deity, being responsible to bless the town’s good harvest for centuries. Since humans started to learn technology, they no longer feel that they need their “goddess of harvest”. And so Holo decided to leave the town, trying to return to her homeland.

Lawrence agreed to take Holo to her homeland in return of Holo’s help in his trading. As a merchant, he sometimes need to know whether his trading partner is honest or not, and Holo with her hundred years of experience claims to be able to know when people lies. Something that can be very valuable in Lawrence’s business.

Started by a “business deal”, Lawrence and Holo began their journey together. I guess you can guess what happen next. Yes, they slowly getting close to each other, almost like a romance story.

The character of Holo is different than most of the cliche anime heroine. She’s a bit flirty, act as she pleases, but on top of all that, she’s damn smart. And I always love heroine character with good brain. Smart can be sexier than moe, at least for this anime.

Our hero, Lawrence, is also not typical anime hero (average, no personality, but suddenly very popular with girls). Being a merchant, Lawrence is also a smart one. He knows what he’s doing, even though he does make mistakes as well.

So far they have season 1 and season 2 for this amazing anime. The story is not really concluded yet, so hopefully there will be season 3 someday. Recommended for age 15+ (some part of the story exposes the dark side of human society).

My rating : ★★★☆☆


Koshimizu Ami Holo
Fukuyama Jun Kraft Lawrence
Nakahara Mai Nola
Nazuka Kaori Chloe
Namikawa Daisuke Zeren

Alternative Title
• Ookami to Koushinryou
• 狼と香辛料

Other Season
• Spice and Wolf II

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