What would you do if you are given a chance to change one thing in your past? What will you do if you can change many?

Self-proclaimed “mad scientist” Okabe Rintarou, super hacker Hashida Itaru (Daru) and Shiina Mayuri (Okabe’s childhood friend) incidentally invent a device to send text message to the past using mobile phone and programmed microwave.

Their group grows bigger as they encounter new friends. The genius physicist Makise Kurisu, the feminine boy Urushibara Ruka, the moe idol Feyris, the mysterious text-er Kiryuu Moeka and the self-proclaimed soldier Amane Suzuha.

The first episode started by Okabe and Makise Kurisu brief encounter, followed by Okabe saw Kurisu’s dead body after being stabbed by someone. Still in chock after seeing a dead body, Okabe sends a text message to Daru and suddenly everything changes. Kurisu is alive and the text is sent to Daru two weeks ago.

Excited with their new ability to send text messages (actually it’s email, but I’ll stick to use “text messages”) to the past, they tried sending few messages. Those messages, though appear as simple ones, delivers huge change to the present time due to butterfly (chain reaction) effect. One that leads to a huge tragedy.

After the first episode, the first half of this anime is delivered in a rather slow and almost boring way. Then suddenly things are getting VERY interesting after the tragedy. Turns out, this anime is one of the best plot I have ever watched ! Every little detail from the beginning of episode one is apparently a clue for the later story (as we are dealing with time machine anyway). Glad I did not drop this anime before the fun episodes.

Packed with moral messages, this story tells us about love, friendship, consequences and valuing each second of our time. Recommended for age 18+ (murder and violent scene).

My rating : ★★★★★


Miyano Mamoru Okabe Rintarou
Imai Asami Makise Kurisu
Hanazawa Kana Shiina Mayuri
Seki Tomokazu Hashida Itaru
Momoi Halko Feyris
Kobayashi Yu Urushibara Ruka
Goto Saori Kiryuu Moeka
Tamura Yukari Amane Suzuha
Terasoma Masaki Tennouji Yuugo
Yamamoto Ayano Tennouji Nae

Alternative Title
• シュタインズ・ゲート

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