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An online MMORPG game allows the player to actually dive into the virtual world. Making them fight battles and defeats monster not by pressing buttons, to by actually moving their body (at least their “body” in the virtual world). And so the first game to make it possible becomes a big hit and many people play on the first day of official server.

Then comes the big shock, none of the players are able to log out from the game. They stuck in the game world, and the game maker make an announcement. No one can leave the game until someone “clear” the game (defeat the last boss). All players’ game-world bodies are changed into their real-life look. And dying in the game world means an actual death in the real body. Now this “game” has become more “real” than ever.

Our hero is an expert player named Kirito, who was also a beta tester of the game (but players can log out during beta testing). So he is as surprised as everyone else hearing that announcement. Our heroine, Asuna, is an expert with one-handed rapier, and the vice-commander of the strongest guild in Aincrad (the game world).

I really like how the hero of this anime is not the usual clueless guy without any personality. I love how the heroine is not the usual weak girl who needs to be protected, or a girl without personality who get attached to a random guy for no particular reason. Asuna is a strong character. She can defend herself in harsh environment, a strong and respected player, but she doesn’t lose her feminine side.

Some people compared this anime with the original novel. While there maybe some materials from the novel which can not make it to the animation (which is normal, considering anime and novel are two different packages), I still find this anime very enjoyable. It’s very interesting to see how humans behave in a completely different environment. Great setting, great battle scenes, great characters, nice romance. Watched some of the episodes multiple times. Recommended for age 15+ (death scenes without blood).

My rating : ★★★★★


Matsuoka Yoshitsugu Kirito (Kirigaya Kazuto)
Tomatsu Haruka Asuna (Yuuki Asuna)
Yamadera Kouichi Kayaba Akihiko
Itou Kanae Yui
Hirata Hiroaki Klein
Yasumoto Hiroki Agil
Hayami Saori Sachi
Hidaka Rina Silica
Takagaki Ayahi Lisbeth
Taketatsu Ayana Leafa (Kirigaya Suguha)
Ohkawa Toru Heathcliff
Koyasu Takehito Oberon (Sugou Nobuyuki)

Alternative Title
• S.A.O
• ソードアート・オンライン

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