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Two powerful trees from ancient time: Tree of Genesis and Tree of Exodus. Long before the existence of humans, those trees fought each other and severely wounded, making them entering dormant condition. A group of people (Kusaribe clan) can do magic by presenting a product of civilization to the Tree of Genesis. A girl named Hakaze is the most powerful of them all, being blessed as Princess of Genesis.

The story starts with two friends, Mahiro and Yoshino. After the death of his younger sister (named Aika), Yoshino stopped going to school and disappeared. Only when strange things started to happen in the city they live in, Mahiro appeared in front of Yoshino, with an ability to use magic using some sorts of artifacts. By chance, Mahiro found a little wooden doll on a shore, and the doll turns out to be a communication device. Hakaze, Princess of Genesis, is trapped in a deserted island of unknown location. Without any “product of human civilization” on that island, she can not do any magic, and her only hope is creating that communication doll, release it to the sea, hoping that someone will find it, then help her to escape.

Samon, a member of Kusaribe clan, plans to revive Tree of Exodus. He believes that once Tree of Genesis is fully awakened, it will totally wipe all human civilization and re-start everything from zero. And the only chance to prevent that, is by reviving Tree of Exodus. Which one of the two trees will actually endanger human civilization? Which one is the real evil? If Hakaze is “Princess of Genesis” then is there any “Princess of Exodus”?

This anime entertains us with great plot of crazy strategy, politics, love, sacrifice and the power of arguments. Recommended for age 18+ (blood and violence scenes).

My rating : ★★★★☆


Uchiyama Kouki Takigawa Yoshino
Toyonaga Toshiyuki Fuwa Mahiro
Sawashiro Miyuki Kusaribe Hakaze
Hanazawa Kana Fuwa Aika
Koyama Rikiya Kusaribe Samon
Kaji Yuuki Hanemura Megumu
Nojima Hirofumi Hoshimura Junichirou
Mizuki Nana Yamamoto Evangeline
Yoshino Hiroyuki Kusaribe Tetsuma
Suwabe Junichi Kusaribe Natsumura

Alternative Title
• Blast of Tempest: The Civilization Blaster
• 絶園のテンペスト

Zetsuen no Tempest @ Aniplex USA
Zetsuen no Tempest Official Website

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