End of an era

End of an era


I know you haven’t heard anything from me in the last few months. I did try to make time, but I just couldn’t. To put it simply, there are major milestones in my real life now, and I have so many things going on. Most likely, this set of activities will be my new routine for the next several years, until the next major milestones. So, activities in this website will be significantly reduced.

For now, I am still going to finish the remaining 2 series with episodic reviews: Log Horizon 2 and Sword Art Online II. I will try to squeeze in some time to write (and take screenshots) in my break times. After these 2 series, I will not take a new anime for episodic review unless I am really crazy about that anime.

EPUB conversion projects will continue. Even though obviously I can’t promise anything about the speed, but they will get done. The first priority would be Spice and Wolf.

Scanlation project of Kira-kira Kaoru is put into long halt. I will pick it up and continue again someday, if I feel like it, and have some time to spare.



2 thoughts on “End of an era

    1. Thanks for the good will. But the answer is no. I have a good career now, and would like to spend more quality time with my family. Unless donation box can earn me more than what I earn from full time job in managerial position, I don’t think I can afford to put more time in the dark side 🙂

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