Final Fantasy IV



Cecil, the main hero, was a Dark Knight, captain of a kingdom army named Redwings. He realized that he was taking the wrong path and decided to go on a journey. He wanted to go to Mt. Ordeals and become a Paladin.

Golbez, the evil character, lead a team searching for Crystal. He is a cruel, heartless character who has blood relation with Cecil.

In the end, Golbez will join Cecil and his party to fight Zemus, leader of the Four Fiends (Milon, Kainazzo, Valvals, and Rubicant).

Secret 1 : Find Secret Programmer’s Room in a basement under Giotto King castle. You can find the most rare item in this game, a porn book !

Secret 2 : In Lunar Subterranean, level 5, right side, you can find an enemy named Pink Puff. After defeated the monster, you have 1/6 chance to have an item named Pink Tail. Bring the item back to your world and exchange it with Adamant Armor. With this armor, even the enemy’s strongest attack would only give you 1 or 2 points of damage =)

This game was originally published for Super Famicom console (Super Nintendo). Now you can also play it in your iPhone/iPad.

Download Final Fantasy IV for iPhone/iPad

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