Magic The Gathering Deck: Bloody Light

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Name : Bloody Light
Color : Red-White
Deck size : 60 cards
Created : August 2008

mtg-deck_bloodylightBloody Light is a very simple creature-based deck with most of the creatures are both red and white. Battlegate Mimic and Hobgoblin Dragoon make nice early creatures which soon will receive Scourge of the Nobilis power up because of their colours. Later on the game, Belligerent Hatchling will appear as 2/2 creature which will grow to be 6/6 real soon. When the army is started to build, Balefire Liege and Nobilis of War shall add the sweet final touch.


The Key Cards


2/1 creature which will turn to 4/2 most of the time.


A bit expensive mana cost, but the flying ability makes it worth the cost.


3 mana for 2/2 doublestrike, good deal.


Can be treated as creature, or as disenchant.


Love this creature ^_^


Lifelink, saved me quite often in battles.


2/2 creature which will “grow” to 6/6 in no time.


Best deal of this deck. Balefire Liege gives +2/+2 to other creatures, plus extra 3 damage to opponend and gain 3 life to self.


If the bonus +2/+2 from Balefire Liege is not enough, let’s add another +2/+2 to all our attacking creatures.


Nice enchant creature, especially for this deck.


Since this is a slow deck, we usually received some damage first before our army is ready.


This handles almost everything. Use this wisely, and we shall be safe.


The Deck

4x Battlegate Mimic (1{R/W}, C)
4x Hobgoblin Dragoon (2{R/W}, C)
4x Hearthfire Hobgoblin ({R/W}{R/W}{R/W}, U)
4x Duergar Hedge-Mage (3{R/W}, U)
4x Spitemare (2{R/W}{R/W}, U)
4x Belligerent Hatchling (3{R/W}, U)
2x Brion Stoutarm (2RW, R)
4x Balefire Liege (2{R/W}{R/W}{R/W}, R)
2x Nobilis of War ({R/W}{R/W}{R/W}{R/W}{R/W}, R)
4x Scourge of the Nobilis (2{R/W}, C)
2x Spirit Loop (1W, U)
2x Oblivion Ring (2W, C)

10x Mountain
10x Plain


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