Magic The Gathering Deck: Clean Play

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Name : Clean Play
Color : Red
Deck size : 60 cards
Created : October 2007

mtg-deck_cleanplayClean Play is a pure red deck, my favorite when I’m too lazy to think.
The idea of this deck is to make sure that no opponent has creature in play, therefore the desk becomes “clean”.
In the early phase, this deck uses some damage spells to kill any opponent’s creature. Soon, after Aether Flash is in play, you will have no problem with creatures with toughness less than 3. This should ensure that all our creatures can successfully attack and can damage the opponent. Demonfire makes a perfect final blow to finish the game.


The Key Cards


Aether Flash will kill most of opponent’s creatures, especially the smaller ones.


Thran Dynamo will help you to cast some key spells quickly. Sometimes it’s ok even to pay the mana burn damage.


Price of Glory helps to deal with some annoying instant spells from opponent that might prevent their creature from dying.


1 mana for 2 damage. Shock is always a good spell to shock your opponent =)


Arc Lightning is a good damage spell cause it can damage creatures and/or players. And the damage can be divided !


Violent Eruption is the bigger version of Arc Lightning. The cost 1RRR is very cheap considering this is a pure red deck.


2 mana for 3 damage. I always love this type of spell.


Nice spell to deal X damage which can be divided.


Ghostfire makes a good sideboard to handle protection and prevent damage deck.


Storm Shaman will act as blocker in earlier turns, then it can be a powerful attacker when you run out of damage spell in your hand.


A good wall. Aether Membrane can block flying creatures and will return the creature to opponent’s hand.


Protection from red is the biggest problem for this deck. Juggernaut deals with that weakness.


Assuming opponent has no creature in play, Viashino Cutthroat can do its work as a damage spell. 4 mana spell which deal 5 damage (plus the spell is reusable) is not bad at all.


Talruum Minotaur is another creature that acts as damage spell. A very useful common card for this deck.


Demonfire makes the final blow to win he game. Nothing beats X damage which can’t be countered and can’t be prevented.


The Deck

3x Demonfire (XR, R)
2x Shock (R, C)
3x Incinerate (1R, C)
3x Arc Lightning (2R, C)
3x Violent Eruption (1RRR, U)
2x Rolling Thunder (XRR, C)

4x Aether Flash (2RR, U)
4x Thran Dynamo (4, U)
4x Price of Glory (2R, U)

4x Viashino Cutthroat (2RR, U)
2x Talruum Minotaur (2RR, C)
2x Storm Shaman (2R, U)
2x Aether Membrane (1RR, U)
2x Juggernaut (5, U)

20x Mountain

4x Ghostfire (2R, C)


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