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The Author

Kanata Kara was written by one of my favorite mangaka : Mrs Hikawa Kyoko. She was born on February 15th in Osaka, Japan.


Noriko Tachiki
Age : 18
Hair : Light brown
Eyes : Brown
Job : High school student
Seiyuu : Suzuki Masami
She is an ordinary girl. Her father is a science fiction author. She was transported to a strange world by a bomb’s explosion. Izark is the first man she met and taught her to speak in his language. Noriko didn’t know that she is “Mezame” whom was wanted by all countries in that world. People thought by getting “Mezame”, they can control “Tenjoki” as their weapon.
Power : Have a telepathy connection with Izark and the only one who can change Izark from Tenjoki form into his normal form.

Izark Kia Tarj
Age: 19
Seiyuu : Miki Shinichiro
As Izark: long jet-black hair; black eyes, sometimes change into green or blue; tall and quite lanky, although muscular, frame; quite dark tan; strong jaws, sharp nose; thick eyebrows.
As Tenjoki: dark scaly skin; long white hair; sharp claws; enormous wings; a single horn on his forehead; transparent eyes; sharp fangs; quite lots of body blades.
Occupation: before meeting Noriko, he was a wandering warrior who helps people in need (sometimes with payment). After meeting Noriko, all he does is protecting her and himself. Now they’re traveling together.
Arms: a sword and a dagger.
Power: he has control over the wind and the fire.
He was borned as the reincarnation of the greatest evil called “Tenjoki” (sky evil). His mother wanted to kill him. When he left his village, the village and villagers were burnt out. As reincarnation of “Tenjoki”, he is more stronger than ordinary people. He can jump higher and run faster. He also can summon fire and wind. The legend said that “Tenjoki” will be raised by “Mezame” (person who raises). So Izark went to the forest where “Mezame” would show up in order to kill “Mezame”.

Garya il Biska
Age : 53
Job : Merchant
Seiyuu : Sato Ai
She is Izark’s friend. In the past, she was a Haidori soldier and taught Izark to play the sword. Izark trusted Noriko to her. She has a twin sister named Zena.

Age : 25
Job : Fighter
He fought Izark and lost. He became Izark’s friend and helped Izark to escape from Zargo. He likes to tease Izark and Noriko.

Age : 52
He is ex leader who wanted to escape from Zargo. While hiding in Garya’s house, he and his sons, Rontarna(22) and Koriki(19) were caught by Zargo’s soldiers.

Age : 19
Seiyuu : Ito Kentaro
His job is to protect Jeida, has the same tribe with Garya. He fell in love with Noriko. Rontarna and Koriki try to help him. Izark is very jealous when he talked to Noriko.

Agol Dena Ofa
Age : 31
Job : Mercenary soldier
Seiyuu : Horiuchi Kenyuu
He became mercenary soldier in order to get money to recover his daughter’s eyes. He was ordered by Rachef to search someone who has connection with “Mezame”. Noriko met him while trying to escape from some bad guys. He suspected Izark and Noriko as “Mezame” and ” Tenjoki”.

Gina Hars
Age : 8
She is Agol’s daughter. Although she can see with her eyes, she can see the future through her guardian stone. Her mother has passed away.

Hair : Silver
Eyes : Purple
He is Asayuge tree’s spirit who asked for Noriko’s help in restoring the forest where he lives. He only can be seen by Noriko.

Age : 53
Seiyuu : Komiya Kazue
She is a prophet, when she tried to predict Noriko and Izark, her vision blew out and made her can’t predict anything for a few days.

He was an enemy before, then he realized that he was deceived and helped Noriko to escape. He keeps the last two chimo.

Age : 33
Seiyuu : Hayami Shou
Dark chief of Rienka. When Keimos almost lost in battle with Izaku, Rachef took Keimos away and gave Keimos a strange power. His power is unknown.

Keimos Lee Goda
Age : 20
Seiyuu : Inoue Kazuhiko
After he was defeated by Izark, there is only one thing in his mind. Revenge! He killed chimo to open the warp gate which lead him to Izaku and Noriko.

Alternative Title
• From Far Away
• 彼方から

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13 thoughts on “Kanata Kara

  1. Thanks for posting your lovely pics! I really love this manga so much. NorikoxIzark forever! Shame there’s no sequel to this manga; I wanna see Izark and Noriko transport to modern Japan, that would be cool, no? I wonder what will be Izark’s reaction when he sees cars and jetplanes for the first time!

  2. The story, the characters (even they who are not the main) .. everything is great!! Kyoko sensei really did her best!! I never bored to read it again n again .. even after 6 years I still recall every scenes 🙂 I wonder why such great manga Kanata Kara never being an anime .. It’s not worked if I’m mad, but really .. I’m deeply disappointed to not see this manga to be a great anime .. you know what? even a manga such Angelique (that’s good but not better than Kanata Kara) has the serial anime .. but, why not for kanata kara? really wait for animator who wants to create an anime of Kanata Kara with its best effort 🙂

  3. This story is good, not sure the ending as I read a very long time ago…you would not believe it but the whole series is in my local library…LOL

  4. buat temen2 di bandung yg mau nyari komik “dunia mimpi” bisa ke daerah palasari tempat buku2 bekas. dijual sepaket dari jilid 1-14 tamat. sukkaaaa banget dunia mimpi, nyampe ga bisa berheti baca.

  5. aku baca komik ini ptama kali skitar 8 th lalu. loved it… pengen punya komiknya, tapi karena komik lama gada yang jual lagi…bingung nih…kalo ada info tolong ya…juga komik2 kyoko hikawa yang lain…

  6. maksih banget ya, kangen saya ngefans banget ama ni komik, tapi putus di tengah jalan eantah kelanjutannya gimana, kayanya gantung gitu aja, itu selesai ato ga ya? bingung *_* hehehe, btw, tengkyu bangeeet sekali lagi

  7. Thx 4 uploading the pics. Saya baca manga ini pertama kali sekitar 10 tahun yang lalu, dan sampai sekarang masih berkesan di hati saya. Izaku-Noriko’s love forever..

  8. Thx 4 uploading the pics. Saya baca manga ini pertama kali sekitar 10 tahun yang lalu, dan sampai sekarang masih berkesan di hati saya. Izuka-Noriko’s love forever..

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