Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 04

By balamiere / January 27th, 2013 / Anime Review / No Comments


A negotiation with merchants, money does control the world.



You’re avoiding her? This anime makes less sense to me by each episode…

After revealing potatoes in previous episode, now Maou introduces a new magic plant: corn. Now that their queen is having her little adventure trying to negotiate with humans, I wonder what the rest of the demon world thinks about her idea. I mean, we clearly see how things work at human world: money drives everything, including war, including the making of some jargon of heroism, patriotism, or even faith. People from the central enjoy luxurious life because of the war, people from outer area enjoy financial support from Central, in return of their service at “the war”.

Now, what happens to the Hero? He’s avoiding Maou? I mean, he has all the reasons to feel doubts BEFORE making a lifetime contract with a woman he just met in few minutes. And he didn’t ask enough questions back then, or even used his brain enough to think. And now he’s feeling uneasy because Maou doesn’t “use” him for something he enjoys doing (battles)? Sounds like a normal marriage to me. Still stupid, though.

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