Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai 2 04

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Kirino and her guest, Rin.





Surprise! Sword Art Online figures in OreImo!


Kirino’s roommate from US (when she was studying there for a while) named Ria visits Japan and stays with Kirino. She’s Kirino’s rival in running, the one Kirino only managed to beat once.

Ria is an active girl. With her around, for once Kirino acts like an older sister. They went to “see around”, which means “going to Akihabara” for Kirino. After Kirino shows Ria things that she likes, as expected they are having a little running contest. To Rin, her journey to Japan has two goals: to have a revenge match against Kirino, and to find out what made Kirino a lot faster in their last match back in US. She concluded that Kyousuke is the one giving Kirino her “super” speed last time. Though we know that it was playing eroge that actually supercharged Kirino back then, lol.

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