Tamako Market 05

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Wanna play together?


Apparently Tamako can’t swim.

Another excellent episode. Tamako goes to public pool to learn how to swim, a day before school camping trip. Mochizou wants to ask her out during the trip and Dera is offering some help. Back in episode 2 we have concluded that Midori is a dere girl, but now we also see a yuri part of her while she tries to sabotage Mochizou’s attempts to get closer to Tamako.

Trying to “protect” Tamako from Mochizou? What is that supposed to mean lol.

Though I feel bad for Dera, I still laughed hard seeing the scene of Dera being chased by a cat, a seagull, then a dog. But it’s good to see that he’s losing some weight and can already fly again now.




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