Zetsuen no Tempest 13-15

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Tree of Genesis is now controlling the world.


I kinda think they make a cute couple.


Mage of Exodus?



“Mage of Exodus” successfully destroyed Hakaze’s hand in a “friendly” skill test.


How come they always appear with those yummy-looking food?

Both Mahiro and Yoshino survive. The world is now controlled by the awakened Tree of Genesis (still not “fully” awakened yet, but already active and can do some controlling). To maintain the world’s “peace”, Tree of Genesis “removed” every humans with the intention of chaos and conflict, thus completely eliminated all kinds of disputes, fights and wars. Hakaze is traveling to different places to see for herself the dramatic change Tree of Genesis has brought upon the world before she can decide whether it’s a good thing or not. Yoshino becomes the only person allowed to accompany Hakaze. Mahiro has a bit of slow return as he remained unconscious for a while with strange dream before finally wakes up in Samon’s residence.

Hakaze starts to show some signs that she likes Yoshino. Samon believes that Yoshino might be the Mage of Exodus, due to his ability to affect Hakaze’s decisions.

Just when we started to think that Yoshino might actually be Mage of Exodus, a new character appears. Megumu, a man with innocent heart incapable of hurting others, but posses the actual magical power of Mage of Exodus. Even though theoretically he might be her greatest enemy, Hakaze decides to put him into the team, gives him some training so he can use his power better, in case in the future she decides that Tree of Genesis actually need to be destroyed before the full awakening.

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