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Some time in the future, something happen to humankind and the population of human decline drastically (they don’t even bother to explain to us what actually the cause). Food and resources are hard to find. Technology is still known, though it has become such a rarity. And a new species comes into contact with humans. No, they’re not alien from space. They’re tiny fairies. Their origin is unknown. They can do magical things (create things, control time, basically anything). They’re not bad and just want to have fun, with methods I would describe as borderline between kid’s prank and pure naive, sometimes =)

Our heroine is a nameless girl (I couldn’t even get her name after watching the entire episodes twice, so I’m sure I didn’t just miss it). She’s… well, let’s say a normal person in such an abnormal world. She works for the UN with primary job to communicate with the fairies. And she handles her job quite good. She’s in good relationship with the fairies, and the fairies play pranks on her, a lot.

As you can see, the art-style of this anime is rather unique. Different from most other titles we see nowadays. Yet I still find this anime very compelling. Very fresh idea, fresh storytelling, and a creative imagination of the future. Recommended for all ages.

My rating : ★★★☆☆


Nakahara Mai Me (nameless girl)
Fukuyama Jun Assistant
Ishizuka Unshou Grandpa
Mizuki Nana Pion
Hiyama Nobuyuki Oyage
Sawashiro Miyuki Y (me’s best friend)
Kanemoto Hisako Curly-haired girl
Nogawa Sakura Hana-senpai
Itou Shizuka Majo-senpai

Alternative Title
• Humanity Has Declined
• Mankind Has Declined
• Jinruiha Suitaishimashita
• 人類は衰退しました

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