Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi 12











Continuing from last episode, Dee saw Ai and Alis playing basketball happily, and realized that Ai has reached Alis’ heart deeper than she ever could after spending 14 years together. Knowing that her relationship with Alis will never be the same again, Dee decided to do something drastic: forcing a world reset so Ai will get her memory reset and become part of the illusion world’s cycle. Jealousy is indeed scary.

So Dee set up a meeting with Alis and asked Ai to be there, just to make sure both Alis and Ai stayed away from her real plan to reveal the truth to other members of class 3-4.

Dee walked into class 3-4, shot someone on the head, and everyone else can see that the one being shot just re-spawned again just like nothing has ever happened. Then Dee starts revealing the truth about the illusion world to class 3-4, forcing them to do a reset once again by reconstructing the day that started everything: the day Dee died from falling.

Just when Dee is about to fall, she suddenly remembers what actually happened. It was not her ! The one fell from window and died was Alis !

A bit too late to realize the real history, I guess, Dee ended up falling anyway. But this time, Alis manages to catch her, only to join her falling, then Ai manages to catch Alis, with the help of everyone in class 3-4. Everybody’s safe this time.

Everybody? Not really. This time everyone remembers what really happened 14 years ago. And members of class 3-4 don’t want to repeat their cycle again. All of them can escape the illusion world except for Alis, who had died 14 years ago and received proper burial by a Gravekeeper. After a tearful farewell, everyone escapes, ending the fake-ideal world. Ai is the last to escape, she refuses to let Alis disappear.

The scene goes to the situation of people who just escaped back to the real world. Members of class 3-4 are there, including Dee. And she has a physical body this time. Then we see Ai, standing in front of Alis’ grave (apparently the official spelling of Alis’ name is Alice). Then we see Alis, alive with physical body, standing next to Ai.

Okay, now my comments. First… there are just too many unexplained details here. Why Dee has a physical body in real world now? Why she was a ghost back then? I thought Dee found a newspaper article about her being dead in the accident? So the article doesn’t actually say who died? How come she has a clear memory about falling when actually it was Alis? If Alis died, how come he could have physical body in real world in his “adventures”?

Then, how come everybody else suddenly know they need to escape the endless-cycle world? Aren’t their memories got reset too? So all of them suddenly got their memories back when the world is shaking?

Last, how come Ai can bring back Alis to life? No explanation at all about how it was made possible. Is Alis an undead now? Or a living person? If Ai can save a dead person and bring him back as a living person (not undead), why didn’t she save her own father?

So many issues left unexplained, yet this is the last episode.

Well, it has been a fun ride with this anime. An extraordinary setting that triggered my brain to rethink about a lot of established concepts. Hope there will be season 2.


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