Kotoura-san 10




Since Kotoura accidentally hears a criminal’s thoughts, rumors have been spreading in school that Kotoura knows the criminal but refuses to give his identity to the police. Moritani tries to stop that rumor, confronting her “old” friend. And end up getting arrested herself. Her so-called “old” friend testifies against her to the police, saying that Moritani threatens her safety.

Obviously the gang were trying help Moritani, though now it’s clear that one of them might have different agenda: Mifune. We got hints from past episodes that Mifune has serious grudge against police as an institution since they refused to come clear and acknowledge her mother’s supernatural ability. Resulting in her mother committed suicide, after being accused as fake, with absolutely no help from police institution that has received a lot of help in crime investigation using her supernatural ability.

So Mifune suggests the club to find the criminal, with Kotoura’s ability. Worrying about Kotoura’s safety, Manabe strongly against the idea. Our couple has a fight. Then Kotoura decides to continue helping Mifune with catching the criminal.

When the criminal assaulted another victim, Moritani was proven innocent (she can’t possibly commit the crime as she’s with the police by the time of this latest assault). Moritani is released by police, but Mifune still wants to catch the criminal, offering herself as a bait.

One interesting detail when Kotoura actually hears the criminal’s thoughts. The criminal personally knows Mifune’s name. So I guess it has something to do with Mifune’s past, or her mother’s case.


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