Log Horizon 2 06

Log Horizon 2 06









When an Adventurer dies, he/she will revive back in the city. However, we didn’t hear much about what happen between the time of death and the time of revival. This episode, we have Akatsuki seeing her memory from real world, then her environment changes to a “imaginary” one with lots of light sparks around, which turns out to be people’s fragment of memories. She meets Shiroe there, kinda makes sense since Shiroe is also in raid battle, so the possibility of he got killed is quite high.

Next we have Akatsuki asking for help from our other heroines. Then there’s the usual scene about friendship, and how Princess Lenessia finally make real effort to treat them as “friends”. Kinda over-dramatic, for my taste, but friendship is indeed a god theme nonetheless.

From Rodrick’s announcement, we learn yet another aspects about Elder Tale. One, male players in female game character will eventually sound more feminine. Two, Elder Tale world who used to be half-scale model of the real world now gradually gets bigger. This might be a sign of a fundamental change of our mysterious world. Three, flavor text in items could actually mean something. So when getting weapons and items, players need to be more careful about the flavor text, not just the stat of the weapon/armor. This new discovery is escalated very quickly when Crusty disappeared after saving Sansa (a D.D.D. member) when her weapon with dark flavor text goes berserk.



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