Log Horizon 2 18

Log Horizon 2 18










With two new people joining the travel group, our junior heroes continue their quest to obtain magic bags. They stop in a small town and Isuzu performs music show as usual. People of The Land loves to hear Isuzu’s songs. Previously we didn’t think too much why. This episode, Rudy reveals to Isuzu that People of The Land is only “given” 42 songs by God. That means, they can only sing and hear those 42 songs (presumably the number of songs in the game soundtrack) in their entire life. Isuzu’s songs are something different. Something they have never heard in their life because it’s a song other than their 42.

It’s a bit scary when I think about it. I was focusing on how comparing adventurers from “real world” to this “virtual world comes true”, but I kinda forget the other side of the coin: People of The Land. Can you imagine a world where no one is capable to create music other than some pre-defined set? And I don’t think music is the only aspect being restricted here. These people were simple NPC when Elder Tale was a game. Now they seem to have their own life. But it seems that their “life” has more limitations than meets the eye.

The rest are about Touya telling that mysterious lady that he can see her fake smile. Then a short scene with Akatsuki reporting the results of her investigation to Shiroe. Lastly, near the end of this episode, the town visited by our junior heroes is attacked by a huge amount of wyverns. Story-wise, I think the development is rather slow. They spent the last few episodes mainly for character development and to reveal more aspects on the mysterious “virtual” world where our heroes are “trapped” in. I do seriously hope all this build-up will lead to an awesome season finale.



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