Log Horizon Light Novel 01

Log Horizon Light Novel 01

log-horizon-novel-cover-01Here comes my second project of EPUB conversion: Log Horizon.

I love the story of Log Horizon. I enjoy watching the first season of its anime adaptation and looking forward to watch the next season. I tried to find the English version and found a good translation from Baka-Tsuki. However, I couldn’t find a proper EPUB version that fits my expectations, so I decided to make them myself.

There are good number of scans in Baka-Tsuki. So I will try to include them in the EPUB as careful as I can.

Fair warning : please respect the writer’s work. If you like this light novel and it is available to purchase legally in your country, please buy a legal copy of the book.

The link : DF | MF
(revision 0, last update 23 May 2014)


My usual text from all posts of EPUB conversion:

Why in EPUB format? I prefer EPUB format for my e-books because it’s more comfortable to read in smartphones, e-readers and tablets. EPUB is widely supported by various brands. You can open EPUB books in Nook reader, Kobo reader, Sony Reader, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android smartphone or Android tablet. It will automatically adjust to whatever screen size you have. Plus giving us the ability to change the font size, to get the best reading experience.


Since some parts of the book content needs manual editing, please let me know if I missed something. Thank you.



6 thoughts on “Log Horizon Light Novel 01

  1. Hi, I was wondering if you will be continuing this series? I really enjoy the format you edit the books and would love to continue reading it.

    Also are you planning on converting any other series?


    1. Yes I will continue this series, but probably later when I have time. Currently very busy with real life.
      So far I am doing Log Horizon, Spice and Wolf, and I plan to do No Game No Life.

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