Mahou Sensou 02









After accidentally “turned” into magicians, I thought our heroes are trapped in the Ruined World. Apparently they are not. They are given a choice whether to keep their magic and stay as students in Subaru Magic Academy or they can have their magic erased and return to the normal world. By free will, Takeshi choose to stay, and it seems to me that Kurumi and Kazumi decide to stay just for the sake of Takeshi.

Next we have some explanations about the great war 16 years ago from Shijou Momoka, the headmistress of Subaru Magic Academy. Momoka looks like a loli, but her behavior is indeed a proper headmistress.

About the great war, basically there were 2 sides of magicians: the ones who wish to coexist peacefully with normal humans and the one who doesn’t. Ghost Trailer’s leader (Ryuusenji Kazuma) tried to eradicate the entire humanity using a super powerful spell called Last Requiem. A coalition of 15 great magicians representing their communities cast a spell to split the world into two. The Last Requiem spell destroys one, now becomes the Ruined World, and the other one where normal humans live (the Living World) are left unharmed.

A pact was formed to continue the war only within the Ruined World. Kinda strange that Ghost Trailer would agree to this one, don’t you think? Anyway that’s what happened, and they set a condition that magicians can no longer fight in the Living World. A powerful spell called Gift was put to prevent magicians to attack another magicians in the Living World using Ancestral Magic (Evasive Magic, Illusion Magic, Destructive Magic, Black Magic, Accelerative Magic and Corporeal Magic).

Next, as magic beginners, our heroes are assigned to class C. Mui, who originally was in elite class S, is demoted to class C too, as punishment for her actions in the Living World, involving 3 normal humans in magicians battle. In their first class, they learn about Aspect, which basically an object to focus magic on (some sort of magic wand but can be anything). Kurumi’s Aspect is a lipstick. Kazumi’s Aspect is a skull-shaped ring. Takeshi’s aspect is… well… a gunblade named Twillight, which used to belong to one of the 15 great magicians who stopped Kazuma. Talking about imbalance…


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