New domain :

internet-wwwIf this is not your first visit to this website, you might notice a difference when clicking some of the menus. Some sections in this website are now “branded” under domain.

So what is and why?
Balamiere is my usual nickname when playing games, registering to internet services that I prefer not to use my real name.
And so I bought domain about a year ago, planning to integrate it into this website, but hadn’t got the time to do so.

The idea is that all the “serious” contents should go to domain (articles, publications, etc). All hobby-related contents should go to
Currently, both websites can be accessed from each other. I intent to do this for at least two years for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes. After that, both domain will go separate ways. They are both my websites, and I will continue to update them regularly.

Update : 11 Jan 2013 – after a year of parallel hosting between and now both domains are hosted in different location, allowing total differentiation of design and contents


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