Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii 04

Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii 04








This week starts with annual royal family bulletin. Livius and Nike need to do their best pose for a bulletin that is supposed to bring a king closer to everyone in the kingdom. I had a good laugh at Nike’s expression when she sees her diet menu in order to lose weight for the photo session.

Then comes the actual story. Our enemy this week is the “traditional” religion of Sun Kingdom. They still have the power to “reject” a princess from marrying the king and they did exactly so. The high priest rejects Princess Nike, pointing out that she’s a “foreign” princess. If she wants to be “accepted” as a person worthy of Sun King, she needs to complete a ritual called “Rite of Illumination”, which basically entering a creepy dungeon-like maze alone to find a ring placed in Sun Deity statue.

Naturally Livius tells Nike to reject that ritual. But our princess is not an ordinary girl who likes to be protected all the time. She goes to meet the high priest himself and learns about his true nature. We also learn that Livius is not a “pure blood”. His mother was a commoner, thus he’s deemed unworthy to reign as king from the high priest point of view.

Then Princess Nike goes to see few kids, commoners. Apparently Livius has worked hard to remove the social classes in Sun Kingdom. So these kids previously deemed as “lower class” can now enjoy equal status as normal people. Surely some “higher class” people won’t feel happy about losing their privileges.

Another week with another display of Princess Nike’s great character. I still fail to see why she decides to undergo the ritual in the end though. As I predicted, when Nike finally finds Sun Deity statue, she can’t find any ring there. Instead, few people are waiting to kill her there.


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