Sword Art Online 02


Asuna, first appearance.



With this smile, I’m officially rooting for her to become this anime’s main heroine.

Wow, defeating the first boss in episode 2, that was faster than I expected. I read in many forums about people comparing this anime with the original novel. Of course anime and novel will never be the same. As faithful as the adapter can be, those are simply two different media with different constraint.

Anyway, I like how things are going for the time being. I really like that Asuna girl. Haven’t read the novel, but I certainly hope she will become the main heroine in future episodes.

I like how Kirito decides to become the bad guy to protect other beta testers. I mean, being in beta testing program does have some advantage, yes, but it won’t help much in this game of actual death. And there is no guarantee that the monster pattern will be exactly the same as how they appear in beta test.


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