Thoughts on Angel Beats!


Being a very interesting anime, Angel Beats! surely become one of my favorite this season.

1. It’s the only anime that started with all characters already dead. It’s kinda unique concept.

2. While some people related Yurippe with Haruhi, I personally thinks they are far different. And this show turned out to be reasonably different from Haruhi, except for the shadows that look like Koizumi’s monsters.

3. Unlike other anime where (most of) the characters strangely survives all the way to the end, we can never expect who will gone/disappear the next episode.

4. The hero character doesn’t attract all the moe-moe attention. Yes, this is kinda rare for this kind of anime.

5. The support character (Hinata) get’s a girl ! Ever heard about CLANNAD’s Sunohara Youhei successfully getting a girl? Nope.

6. The loli Tenshi is cute.

7. Unpredictable. Up to episode 9, I still had no idea where the story will go.

8. It’s kinda cool to have that kind of world where one can not get sick, can not die, and does not age. All left to do is to find love, and that place will become eternal paradise.

9. Did I mention that Kanade is cute?

10. Too short, 13 episodes is FARRRR from enough to develop the story and make us understand the characters. This should be at least 26 episodes.

Hope they will make an OVA or something to answer a lot of questions and confusions in fans’ head.



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