To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S 18










Still a rather calm episode, though clearly some hints about the next arc are already prepared well.

This episode starts with some unknown scientists (people wearing lab coat) use Mugino and her team as an experiment. And Mugino is injured during a surprise attack from a robot. Even though it’s a very minor injury, I guess it has some significance that robots can still injure a level 5. With better programming and equipment, defeating a level 5 is not impossible.

Next we have Haruue moves out from Uiharu place. Edasaki is finally discharged from hospital, and Haruue will live with her, helping her to recover and restore normal life. The group realizes that Uiharu feels sad about Haruue moving out. In another scene, Kongou is using her power to catch a bag thief. But a mysterious guy criticizes her helping action as potentially can put others in danger. I guess this is pretty much just a build up to something bigger. And Kongou is probably has some roles in this arc.

Near end of episode, our heroines meet a little girl sleeping in a park. Her name is Febli. And she recognizes Mikoto’s face, and can tell her full name. Still no clue about this little girl’s background and identity.


Finally, is that Kiyama-sensei at the back?


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