To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S 23






Electrocuted Kuroko.










We knew Kongou’s ability, now it’s time to find out her two friends’ abilities.


Saten and her legendary baseball bat.



This is an amazing build-up episode. So Shinobu was “sold” to the group by underground group and was “forced” to work for them against her will. She did try to safe Febri and her older sister Janie. She managed to let Febri escape and imprinted Mikoto’s name on Febri’s artificial personality.

Following last week’s incident, Mikoto was paralyzed and left in a room. Shinobu stays with her, presumably under the villain’s order. With 2 hours remaining before she can move, Mikoto shows another amazing skill: moving her paralyzed body not by human nerves and muscles, but by electricity. She moves her own body like a puppet with her ability. A true level 5, I would say.

Now that the misunderstanding is cleared, Shinobu and Mikoto officially work together. When Kuroko and the gang come to “save” Mikoto, Shinobu decides to stay with the villains in order to find a chance to save Janie, Febri’s older sister.

So, there will be a “revolution” centered around Janie’s ability. This revolution is the way for our villains to get attention and recognition. In a city where only esper’s level matters, these people with genius brain is treated as nobody. And so they tried to show that they can produce something better and stronger than even the strongest esper.

What I don’t understand is… why don’t they just move to another city? I’m sure the rest of the world other than academy city would still appreciate people with brilliant minds. Ah well, it’s just me.

So the group returns to Kuroko’s judgement office and having a discussion. Kongou and her two friends join the discussion and agree to work together to stop the “revolution” and save Janie. We will get our expected “epic” final battle next week. I’m excited !


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