Vividred Operation 10


From the very second I saw this machine, I somehow knew it’s going to explode, lol.



So Rei decided to use her last 4 remaining arrows on the next Alone. This time, she got the information when the next Alone is going to appear and shot all her arrow since the very beginning. When she fired all her arrows, she will disappear from “This world”.

At least now we have a setting. Rei came from a parallel world. A world where everything was destroyed when Manifestor Engine exploded. And Rei is trying to help Alone to destroy Manifestor Engine in this current world, thinking that it would also save “this world” from total destruction, and hoping that her original world will be restored. The creators of Alones, are believed to be creatures of higher intelligence with the capability of restoring a world.

Okay, now my criticisms. First, if these creators of Alones are very capable, even can restore a world, why they make their alone very “weak” that it can be defeated by four girls in flying machines? If they are so capable, why even need a mortal human to shot an energy arrow. Why not build the Alone with “already supercharged” state from the beginning?

Again, I have to remind myself, this particular title of anime is a children’s movie.

Before the date of her “final” battle, Rei decides to visit Akane’s house to apologize for the tomato incident. She finally open up to Akane, accepting Akane’s intention to become her friend. Even though she’s fully prepared to “disappear” the next day.

Thanks to Himawari, the existence of the power up arrow is now detectable. When the next Alone appears and Rei releases her first arrow, her location is detected, and a team was prepared to capture her. Being the one closest to the shooter’s location, Akane helps the capturing team and… now Akane and Rei finally find out each other’s “real” identity.


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