Fate ⁄ Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 09


Apparently a kaleid stick takes a bath, too.


Mother-daughter skinship.




Cute little Saber. Kawaii.






Miyu, Rin and Luvia is up against the strongest opponent so far: Berserker. With its resurrection ability, it becomes very difficult for the group with only 1 magical girl to defeat it.

Meanwhile, Illya’s mother returns home ! Almost cliche, the first thing she does is taking a bath with Illya. Thanks to her mom, Illya can finally sort out her feelings toward Miyu and realizes that Miyu’s harsh words might be an attempt to protect Illya. Bingo ! Her mom is right ! That’s exactly what Miyu thinks. She considers Illya as her first real friend. And seeing how scared Illya was, Miyu decided to keep her off battle. With Miyu’s limited capability in socializing, that’s how she expressed it.

Back to the battle scene, Rin decides to escape from battle to rethink of a new strategy. Miyu opens the portal so Rin and Luvia can return to the normal dimension, but Miyu chooses to stay. If we get to see Archer-Illya few episodes ago, now we get to see Saber-Miyu. Just by watching Illya did her transformation as Archer, Miyu figures out how to do it. Now she tries to shoulder everything alone, by sending Rin and Luvia out of danger, and plan to finish Berserker alone so Illya won’t be called to join the next battle.

As you might guessed, Illya joins the battle and saves Miyu’s life, just when things were critically dangerous.


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